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Your Hospital Experience

If you would like to share any of your experiences of being in hospital whether it is as an outpatient  or inpatient please feel free to tell us.

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Tell us about staff who were really helpful, or a surgeon who was wonderful.

Tell us about how the parking was abominable and you missed your appointment! Or that the hospital wasn’t as clean as you would have liked.

Share any of your experiences with us and we’ll share it with everyone else.

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Form Instructions:

  • Fill in a user name (it does not have to be your real name) and your email address in the boxes below. These are used only by us to contact you, and to let you know when your hospital experience will be online.
  • Your identity details will not be posted on our website, or used for marketing purposes, or passed to a third party.

  • Type your hospital experience in the box - We would like to hear if you have any tips on recovery after operations or anything else that would help our  visitors
  • Please note that hospital help do not  offer any advice regarding medical conditions , always seek professional medical advice.

  • Please do not include offensive material, email addresses, or pictures; please do not make libellous comments naming individuals.

  • All accounts will be viewed by a representative from Hospital Help before posting.

By using this feature you are agreeing to Hospital Help showing your comments on our website.

Hospital Help reserve the right to remove any unsuitable comments, web addresses and any offensive material

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