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Suggestions for attending an Outpatient Appointment

Outpatient Appointments

These are some of the thoughts which have been contributed by various people who have attended OPD - Outpatients Departments which helped them survive the long wait! If you have further ideas click here to contact us and let us know your survival technique.

  • Take the whole of the morning or afternoon off when attending outpatient appointments so that you don’t worry that you will miss other engagements.

  • Take lots of change for the hospital car park, so that you don’t become anxious that your time is running out.

  • Check the bus timetable going to the hospital it might be a lot cheaper than the parking.

  • If you have no other means of getting to your appointment ask your GP’s surgery to see if they can arrange hospital transport for you. – Click here for more info...

  • Take a good book/magazine with you to read whilst you are waiting for the appointment time.

  • Please make sure your mobile phone is switched off or on silent mode. In some hospitals there are special areas allocated where you can use your phone without disturbing other people.

  • If you have children try to arrange for someone to look after them whilst you attend the hospital appointment you will be far more relaxed if you don’t have to try to keep an eye on them and can concentrate on what your doctor is saying.

  • If you are supposed to have bought a specimen with you, please try to remember as without it treatment or diagnosis may be delayed.

  • If you are on a lot of different medications make a note of them and how often you take them to take with you

  • Write down all the questions you want to ask the doctor then you won’t get out of the office and suddenly remember you wanted to ask something else.

  • Write down his/her answers if you think that you will not remember what they say, ask them to repeat and explain answers if necessary.

  • If they refer to a condition or symptom that you don’t understand ask them to clarify it for you also to write it down, in capitals. Medical jargon used by staff can be confusing ask them to explain.

  • If your medication is changed ask about the side affects and how it might affect other medicines you are taking. - remember to tell your doctor /nurse if you have in the past had a bad /allergic reaction to any other medicines.

  • If you are expecting upsetting results from a biopsy that you have had taken make sure you have a friend or family member with you.

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