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Religious/ Spiritual considerations

Religious Considerations

In our multicultural society we come across many differing religions and spiritual beliefs. Being admitted to a hospital can be challenging, our familiar surroundings and home comforts are temporarily absent. In hospital the staff do try to consider all religious and spiritual beliefs, but are sometimes not familiar with all the separate faiths and cultural requirements. This is where you can really help – no one would try to offend you in anyway but inadvertently this can happen. When you are admitted to the ward by your named nurse or key worker, mention if you have any spiritual requirements so they can make any necessary arrangements

Multi-faith team:

In all hospitals there is a spiritual contact from the multi-faith team who the staff will be aware of that can help provide for your requirements. If you require assistance with religious practice or have spiritual items which should not be touched please make sure the healthcare team are informed.

Do mention if there are cultural or religious beliefs that will affect your care, for instance not accepting blood transfusions or taking medicines which contain blood or animal by products.

Spiritual considerations

Nutritional needs:- If you have any special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian, halal or kosher it is a good idea to let the team know as special arrangements might need to be made or indeed if your family intend bringing in food to the hospital discussions with the dietician may be appropriate. If you need to fast please inform the staff so they may co-ordinate with the catering to arrange for food to be available for you

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Quiet Rooms:

Most hospitals have a quiet peaceful room often called the sanctuary where all faiths are welcome to pray or to just sit for thought and contemplation. – This may be closed at certain times when maybe you would like access; arrangements can usually be made to accommodate your wishes.

The spiritual contacts from the multi-faith team that are in the hospital are often a great support as they make the time available to be there for you, being a good listener to your worries and helping to reduce your anxiety. They are there for your religious faith helping to inform you of when services are available, helping you with prayers, and talking about your faiths and beliefs.

It may be a time of reflection whilst in hospital asking questions of your mortality, or of your illness why me? Many people have a spirituality which centres on family, friends, and loved ones; or inner peace, being connected to creation. There are a variety of ways of expressing how your personal beliefs affect your life and it can be good to talk with someone from the chaplaincy.

Below is a list of national contacts for many different religions if you would like to add your details to the site please click here

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National Contacts for Different Religions

 Agnostic, Atheist
People of no specified religion

It should not be assumed that people do not have beliefs. Ask if spiritual support is required .




National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the UK
27 Rutland Gate,
London, SW7 1PD
Tel: (0207) 584 2566




The Buddhist Society
53 Eccleston Square,
London, SW1
Tel: (0207) 834 5858



Chinese, – Buddhism, Taoism or Confucianism

Please refer to the individual patient




404 Shaftmoor Lane,
Hall Green,
Birmingham, B28 8SZ
Tel: (0121) 777 6328



Christian Scientist

The Church of Christ Science
108 Palace Gardens Terrace,
London, W8 4RY
Tel: (0207) 221 5650



Greek Orthodox

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain
Thyateira House,
5 Craven Hill,
London, W2 3EN
Tel: (0207) 723 4787




Bharitiya Vidya Bhaven
4a Castledown Road,
W14 9HQ. 
Tel: (0207) 381 3086


National Council of Hindu Temples
26 Hillingdon Avenue,
Great Barr,
B43 7HS


Ramakrishna Vednanta Centre,
Unit House,
Blind Lane,
Bourne End,
Bucks, SL8 5LG




British Humanist Association
14 Lamb’s Place,
Conduit Pass,
London, WC1R 4RH
Tel: (0207) 430 0908

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watch Tower House,
The Ridgeway, London,
Tel: (0208) 906 2211



Jews (Orthodox)

The Office of the Chief Rabbi
Alder House,
Tavistock Square,
London, WC1
Tel: (0207) 387 5772



Jews (Reformed)

Reform Synagogues of Great Britain
80 East End Road,
London, N3 2SY
Tel: (0208) 349 4731



Jews (Liberal and Progressive)

Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues
109 Whitfield Street,
London, W1




Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Public Affairs Department,
Church Offices
751 Warwick Road, Solihull,
West Midlands, B91 3DQ
Tel: (0121) 711 2244



Muslim (Ahmadiyya)

London Mosque,
16 Gressenhall Road,
Putney, London, SW18
Tel: (0208) 870 8517



Muslim (Shi’ite)

Iranian Embassy, London



Muslim (Sunni)

London Central Mosque,
146 Park Road,
London, NW8 7RG
Tel: (0207) 724 3363


Islamic Foundation
Marketfield Dawah Centre,
Ratby Lane,
Leicester, LE6 0RN
Tel: (01530) 244944




No national offices – please refer to client




No national offices –please refer to client



Russian Orthodox

Russian Orthodox Church,
All Saints,
Ennismore Gardens,
London, SW7 1NH
Tel: (0207) 584 0096



Seventh-Day Adventist Church

British Union Conference
Stanborough Park,
Herts, WD2 6JP
Tel: (01923) 672251




Sikh Council for Inter Faith Relations
43 Dorset Road,
Merton Park,
London, SW19 3EZ




The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain
33 Belgrave Square,
London, SW1X 8QB
Tel: (0207) 235 3351



Vietnamese – Buddhism, Taoism or Confucianism

Vietnam Refugee National Council
25 Station Road,
 London, SE25 5AH




Zoroastrian Association of Europe
88 Compayne Gardens,
London, NW6 3RU
Tel: (0207) 328 6018

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